Addressing Pricing Challenges of AI Computing

Addressing Pricing Challenges of AI Computing

We are Loopro AI, a research lab builds cutting-edge PinFi protocols to solve the pricing of dissipative assets

Decentralized AI computing

Utilizing our distinctive load-balancing technology and proof-of-computing-power-staking consensus within a decentralized peer-to-peer computing network, AI tasks can be executed with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

PinFi style

Our PinFi protocol, based on the foundational dissipative asset pricing theory and the cutting-edge automatic market maker model, is open-source and transparent, guaranteeing fair pricing and readily available liquidity for computing resources.

Rooted in research

Our lab is committed to advancing PinFi protocol use in solving the pricing issues of dissipative assets, ensuring seamless integration and continuous improvements in protocol implementation, with no hand-wavings.

Always onchain

Even in beta, our protocols will be on-chain, guaranteeing exceptional fairness throughout the ecosystem.

Up to 10x cheaper

Slash dissipative computing costs with PinFi

50% latency reduce

Optimize routes with location-awareness

90% swappable

Unlock seamless exchange of your resources

<1% slippage

Enjoy liquidity for all computing resources

LooPIN Network

The first-of-its-kind Physical Infrastructure Finance (PinFi) protocol aims to overcome the primary obstacles of coordination, pricing, and liquidity within the decentralized AI computing network.

The LooPIN network, through its unique liquidity protocol, deviates from the traditional approach of simply building another decentralized computing network. Instead, it employs a novel automatic market maker pricing mechanism that allows providers to contribute excess computing resources to a "dissipative" liquidity pool. This innovation makes computing resources interchangeable and improves their utilization.

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LooPIN Testnet in beta launch